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  • Do you need to do a house or office clean-out?

    If your are you moving to a new office, new house or apartment; out of state or in state, chances are you just are going to need some help to pack your home goods and help to move to your new place. Did you buy new furniture or kitchen appliances and need to get rid of the old ones? Do you need to remove and dispose filing cabinets, old computers, desks, boxes, papers or just any other kind of junk? RM Rubbish and Junk Removal company will gladly do the clean up and will remove and dispose of any recycling material or junk and construction debris. We are always ready to do the hard work, we are always ready to take the task.

    RM Rubbish Removal Services has been recycling scrap metal, and any other junk materials in the Metro Boston area of Massachusetts for over 15 years. We understand your needs in the tough times and in the good times. We are affordable, we are professional, we are efficient on what we do best, GET RID OF YOUR JUNK! DO A PROFFESIONAL CLEAN OUT!

    We are always ready to give you a hand to remove and dispose all of your unwanted trash safely and at a very affordable price, leaving your business, new home or apartment free of any junk and clean!

    RM Rubbish Removal is your Junk Removal Specialist! 

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Our Trash Removal Services for the Boston area include

We provide trash removal services all around Boston or city in Massachusetts.

We provide the solution to your junk removal and garbage clean out problems when you are moving in or moving out. When you are moving or just got new furniture, you need to get rid of the old furniture and the regular trash removal companies won't take those items! Sometimes the items that you need to get rid of can be recycled and you would't even need to pay to remove them, specially if your junk consist of metal furniture and other metal objects like exercise equipment, old TVs, air conditioners, water heaters, furnaces, old chimneys, electrical wire, kitchen or bathroom fixtures, etc, etc.

Sometimes you just have a basement or attic full of junk and don't have the time to clean it up yourself. If you don't have the time, we can do it for you!

If you find yourself on that situation, do not hesitate to call RM Rubbish Removal, we are here to provide a fast and efficient garbage removal service at affordable prices. And that's not all, we will even go into the house to take your junk out.

Our Trash Removal Services

  1. Junk Removal & Disposal
  2. Trash Removal & Disposal
  3. Waste Management
  4. Debris Removal & Disposal,
  5. Paper recycling, cardboard recycling
  6. Yards and Basements Clean Ups,
  7. Water heaters removal,
  8. Old machinery removal from stores, offices or homes,
  9. Construction debris removal,
  10. Furniture removal from offices, homes, basements, storage facilities, attics or any other place.
  11. Electrical devices removal or recycling,
  12. Green recycling,
  13. Move out clean outs,
  14. Any junk removal or recycling,
  15. Metal or electrical devices removal/recycling
  16. Old beds or mattresses removal,
  17. Basement or attics clean out,
  18. Storage facilities, offices, homes, stores clean outs,
  19. Demolition clean outs and debris or any kind of junk, furniture or machinery removal and disposal.
If the Junk Removal or Trash Removal Service you need is not listed above, you can just give us a call at (617) 594-4130, we will be more than happy to see your junk or trash needed to be removed and give you an estimate on site. Hire Us
  • Garage, Basements, Attics clean ups
  • Yard Trash Cleanup and Disposal
  • Office Trash Removal
  • Construction Site Debris Removal Service
  • Foreclosure Cleanup Services
  • Move In/Move Out Cleaning and Junk Disposal Services
  • Real Estate Clean Out Services.
  • Residential Junk Removal
  • Construction Rubbish Removal
  • Free Junk Removal
  • Waste Management and Recycling Solutions


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